True Pillow

True Pillow


True Pillow helps fix forward head posture, an unnatural neck curve, and rounded shoulders.

  • Supports your head, neck, and back while improving your posture

  • Fix forward head posture by restoring the curve in your cervical spine

  • Restore your overly-rounded upper back curve while fixing rounded shoulders.

  • Comfortable for back and side sleepers!

Sleep on True Pillow for just 30 nights to look and feel more confident than ever before. 

You might even find you’re getting a lot more dates thanks to True Pillow (ladies love a man with good posture). 


  • One True Pillow

  • One Washable, Pillow Cover

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Size Chart

True Pillow is available in 3 sizes. A small, an average, and a large.

How to Determine the Correct Size

  1. Grab a ruler.

  2. Using the ruler, measure from the base of the neck to the outside tip of the humerus bone.

  3. Choose the closest size. If you land in-between numbers, choose the smaller size. (If 5.5” go with an average.)

6” = Large

5” = Average

4” = Small